American-manufactured mask with best in class design and world-class technology.



Nobody enjoys a heavy object resting on their face even for a short period of time, the whole day or every day would be impossible to imagine.

This is why this unique surgical mask speaks for those who had to endure unnecessary discomfort and marks left after wearing conventional surgical masks for long periods of time.

Lighter than a piece of paper, the Pure-MSK weighing 4.4 grams is a science to deliver comfort without having to feel like you are wearing it.

Tri-Fold Design

Ever felt the constant feeling of your ears being tired from the strings connected to your mask?

Uncomfortable pins bending around your nose or lack of air being flowed so you can breathe freely? Not feeling alert and more dragged into the pressure rather than ease and convenience of wearing a mask?
Well we know it and wanted to overcome it with the tri-fold design embedded in the Pure-MSK.

The mask is light, thin and flat folded to allow every person to enjoy wearing it to the fullest. Earloops to complement comfort are also supported by a nose clip so the Pure-MSK fits on your face as you would like it.

Not only that but you even get to breathe better too, no need to feel suffocated.

FDA Cleared

We strive to deliver with a passionate reason, we want to be the solution that you will want for yourself.

More than a solution, we want to make it easier for everyone to transition into a productive and safer lifestyle through innovative mask wear without a second thought.

A mask that you will want to wear and not avoid. We want to be the reason you love wearing masks because it can be loveable and a way to protect yourself.

Made to deliver premium protection, the Pure MSK is a surgical mask that is FDA-Cleared for best daily wear.


Pure-MSK black

The Pure-MSK provides comfort, protection and acts as a barrier between you and airborne pollutants.

As we become prone to exposure without much choice or option, we must adapt well or at least be prepared to face situations where protection is the important step to take.

Without stopping to think for a second, we do not ever think of the different types of content present in air particles that can pass into our bodies and cause changes, mostly those that we do not desire. It is time to be aware and take proactive steps. 

This mask is the reason you can step anywhere and be confident of protecting yourself and breathing clean air.

It serves as the most concrete barrier between you and harmful transmissions. Yes, a lightweight breathable innovative surgical mask is the solution in various situations such as:

  1. Protection From Air Pollution
  2. Protection From Transmitting Diseases
  3. Protection From Harmful Air Particles


Pure-MSK black

The PureMSK is an American-manufactured mask with best-in-class design and world-class technology.

It is a mask devised to cater to the 21st century, let alone a new era where precautions speak louder than boldness.

This mask is the new face and definition of boldness, by providing protection yet simultaneously being comfortable to wear.

The purpose behind being best-in-class design is to be more than a typical surgical mask, it is a mask that everyone desires to wear, for protection, comfort and convenience.

Top cut edging technology is used to penetrate an upgrade to the mask functions, to breathe better and live better.

As the world becomes aggressive in terms of air pollution, traffic jams, global warming, industrial pollution, and the virus spread, it is crucial to have a strategy or option that well suits the daily life of commuting, interacting and well, being alive.

As humans we must cherish the precious gift of life and the smartest way among many others is to wear masks that protect yourself and those around you.

This is why the PureMSK was created, to solve the problem a typical surgical mask was bringing forth and facilitating more than ever. It was also created to celebrate a milestone of conducting research to bring forth advancements in everyday necessities or what have turned to become necessities in times of change.

Apart from the unfortunate pandemic, we have observed increases in air pollution and a rise in climate change. Such situations have decreased the crisp cleanliness we were accustomed to of air. Now it is filled with unpleasant and unwanted harmful toxins, gases and particles that affect our bodies in many ways. 

A privilege once taken for granted of breathing premium quality clean air can now be availed again. This time with precautions of course, so we live and let others live too, and practice following standard operating procedures. It is also much easier to think of, if done well and implemented too, by wearing an innovative face mask, the.

Be part of a revolutionary change to give your chance a better chance to inhale clean air and let others be inspired by you to do so too.

The mask weighs 4.4 grams and weighs lighter than a piece of paper. However, don’t let the lightweight of the mask fool you, because the protection it provides is far better than most of the masks that are currently available in the market. Do not underestimate the power of innovation, see it and experience it.

To add to that, the mask is FDA (The US Food & Drug Administration) cleared and therefore serves as a surgical mask that can be worn all day long.


Pure-MSK black


To be the premium choice of a mask suitable for daily wear, anywhere. And, to set the standard of the Pure-MSK as a necessity that completes everyone’s daily routine.


With cut edging technology and smart design, we aim to make everyday mask wear desirable. The new way is the smart way, and Pure-MSK aims to deliver smartly by providing comfort, secure fit for all face frames and making it an easy and convenient choice for everyone to wear a mask passionately. It is also a necessity that apart from being required, should also be enjoyed to wear. We want to deliver pleasant experiences.


Pure-MSK black

PureMSK is the product of leveraging the power of technology and design to deliver comfort. Below are the best reasons to choose Pure MSK

  1. 100% Protective & Breathable Material 
  2. Ultra thin & light, making it comfortable to wear
  3. FDA Approved

Pure-MSK is more than a surgical mask, it is a way of life. A life lived by anyone who cherishes protection and comfort.