Nano-Air Mask – Make Breathing Better with the Power of Smart Design

Nano Air Mask Pure MSK Review


The Nano Air Mask Pure-MSK is an FDA 510(k) successfully cleared surgical mask devised to make breathing better with the power of smart design and revolutionary technology. The prime and sole purpose of this unique Nano Air Mask Pure-MSK is to support individuals in the healthcare sector who must protect themselves from harmful liquids and airborne substances.

The Nano Air Mask Pure-MSK is also meant to be worn by those who work in the operating theatre during various types of procedures and interactions which are best conducted when the representative and patient are both protected by wearing the mask.

Made in the United States of America, the Nano Air Mask is a unique mask made with the utmost care and dedication to serve and make it easy for everyone to follow standard operating procedures.

We knew the frustrations everyone faced with the conventional surgical mask of not being able to breathe, feeling the uncomfortable wetness and just feeling congested, we had to do something about and we did. 

The Nano Air Mask is a three-layer yet lighter than a paper weighed, at just 4.4 grams, a mask that gives you every reason to start your day o a precautionary yet exciting way. You will actually want to wear a mask that feels so light that you do not feel as you are even wearing it in the first place.

Although we mention about the individuals serving the healthcare sector we also wanted to help everyone else who was as active and involved or who had to keep running their day but with the best safe and friendly standard operating procedures being followed.

The Nano Air mask is our way of showing care and concern for the healthcare providers, each other and the world. We want to make it smart and easy to follow standard operating procedures, protecting each other and ourselves so we can live better, set an example for others especially those who look up to us and keep the positive trend going strong.

Nano Air Mask Function

nano air mask pure-msk function

The Nano Air Mask has many functions but the most important, the most prime and crucial is being the barrier between you and harmful substances or particles. Be it liquid or airborne, our three-layered smart designed mask is built to protect you from airborne particles that may create health or other problems. To protect you must protect yourself first, everyone around you and take the step to make a difference.

Imagine walking your way to the operating theatre, wearing your gloves to protect your hands from surface contamination, but it does not end there, this is where the Nano Air Mask comes. You must protect your mouth and nose too as you inhale air and talk to many people around you be it patients or staff. Since the pandemic it is always important to stay protected and to protect your nose and mouth so harmful particles do not enter your body by wearing a mask that covers and lets you breathe properly too. Long hours shift are not a worry to handle as the Nano Air Mask has been designed to cater to making breathing easier while keeping yourself at bay from virus particles or other impure elements.

Most importantly, apart from protecting yourself, the Nano Air mask is functioned to protect those around you too. How? In case you are not feeling well, need to sneeze or cough, you get to do all that as what you do will be deposited on the mask and not in the air. Even better, you get to discard it for hygienic reasons and wear a new one. An important point to mention is that the mask is only meant for individual use, never share or wear another persons mask, you do not want to waste your precious efforts of keeping yourself at bay from getting sick or in contact with harmful molecules or atoms.

Nano Air Mask Benefits

Nano air mask pure-msk

Protection From Bacteria

As every day comes and goes there is a percentage of uncertainty. To be less uncertain is to take certain measures worth doing. Going to the mall to buy groceries? What does that mean? It means stepping out of the house, your first exposure, leaving your home premises to go to your car or walk to the destination. After reaching the mall you will not be only, mall employees and visitors will be walking around you, talking and interacting too.  Such situations are completely normal for everyone to be part of. What is not normal is making yourself prone to bacteria infesting your body when you breathe or talk. This is where Nano Mask comes to the rescue. It is the cape you wear on your face, a cape that not only makes you a superhero but everyone around you also as they wear it too.

It Offers Comfort

The Nano Air Mask is the epitome of protection and comfort, wear it and own your day with it. Are you sick and tired of feeling strain and pain on your ears from the surgical mask strings? See undesirable marks left from long mask wear? All such undesirable effects can be gone! With the Nano Air Mask you face will never have to bear even the slightest mark on your face. Ears will be pain-free as the Nano Air Mask has been designed in a way that our strings make it easy and convenient for you to adjust wearing how you would want to. We believe that standard operating procedures can be followed with self willingness, happiness and dedication and for that we want you to feel comfortable with the Nano Air Mask.

Disguise Scents and Odors

The Nano Air Mask allows you to freely leave your home, go to the mall, talk to mall staff, and even better if you visit the fish counter and do not find fish odor appealing your mask will also disguise various types of scents and odors too, what a relief.

No Foggy Vision For People with Glasses

Do you wear glasses or sunglasses? Ever felt the frustration when wearing a mask and seeing them get all foggy? Does it create a hurdle when you walk around or drive, nobody wants blurred vision in any situation though. This is where the Nano Air Mask not only makes you breathe better but see better too, no foggy vision.