Pure-MSK Review

Pure-MSK Review

pure-msk review

As someone who cannot stay at home even if I want to, the Pure-MSK was a game changing solution for me in so many ways.

Not only was I bothered with the fact that my mouth area would get wet easily which also meant ruining my makeup but experiencing immense discomfort on my ears from the stress of holding up the typical green surgical masks, I needed a break.

So fed up, I actually started to neglect myself and those around me by not wearing a mask anymore. Of course I felt guilty and upset that I am not abiding the SOP’s and putting myself at risk but I had no choice as I needed relief from the discomfort.

Surprisingly a friend of mine came over and was wearing a Pure-MSK. She seemed happy and content. Upon having a look she had an extra one and gave it to me to try.

I was not only relieved but elated to be introduced to a mask that made it easy for me to wear it!

Not only does it keep my mouth area dry but also makes it easy for me to wear it the whole day!

I want to share how the Pure-MSK supports me during my daily activities so anyone who has an intense or diverse routine like myself can be inspired to elevate their way staying protected.

I wanted to live a better life, one that reduces my anxiety of wearing annoying painful masks and Pure-MSK changed the way I felt about it.

As soon as I step out of the door and wait to sit in my bus to work, every minute is passed easy peasy. I can breathe easily, feel the wind on my face and not feel congested. Sometimes there are many vehicles including buses and cars that create an unpleasant gas emission to inhale in the air. The mask is my best friend in this situation as I get to protect myself from the harmful pollution that will not only ruin my mood but my nervous system too.

At the gym during intense workouts or cardio activities I tend to sweat a lot. When I am surrounded by other gym goers I have to be mindful and this is where the Pure-MSK brings a breeze while protecting me and the rest who are present. I do not ace any breathing issues while wearing the mask and get to enjoy my workout. What a relief.

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What Are People Saying About PureMSK?

“It’s not too tight, has value for money, makes it easier for me to breathe and get along with my day.”

“As someone who wears glasses this mask is a delight! The Purse-MSK lets me enjoy clear vision, no fogging and I breathe great too.”

“I go to the gym everyday and need a mask that lets me exercise, breathe well and not feel suffocated. The Pure-MSK made that possible for me, my life is back on track.”