Pure-MSK surgical Respirator Review by Customer


Woman wearing a pure-msk surgical respirator

In a time when protection is the greatest asset, to strengthen it the Pure-MSK surgical respirator is the mighty possession. Like they always say, health is wealth, we agree so too unconditionally.

Since the pandemic we have witnessed many unfortunate events including deaths, losses, immune system problems and health issues.

Such situations have left immense pain and sorrow, it has led us to take a very basic yet crucial step of protection, wearing a mask or in this case a Pure-MSK surgical respirator.

The Pure-MSK surgical respirator comes to the rescue to protect a person from airborne particles that appear in the face of harm or liquid that also gives away toxins or unsuitable problems.

Examples of some airborne particles that cause allergic reactions or other problems apart from the pandemic virus are:

  1. Pet Dander
  2. Pollen
  3. Mold
  4. Lead
  5. Volatile organic compounds 
  6. Carbon Monoxide
  7. Ozone
  8. Nitrogen Dioxide
  9. Sulfur dioxide and many others.

A surgical mask is a mask designed in loose fitting served as a purpose to be a solid barrier between the mouth and nose of the person who wears it and harmful particles that appear to contaminate the air or respective environment and surroundings where the wearer is present. 

A major feature to mention is that it is for disposable use only which means after a certain amount of hours or before 24 hours the mask if used must be disposed of properly. 

The mask no matter whether worn for a short period of time or long period of time before 24 hours have passed, must be disposed of and not worn again. It is not meant to be worn multiple times. This is to serve as a hygiene and protective measure. It is also only meant to be used by the wearer and not to be shared. When the wearer puts on a mask they are not supposed to lend or borrow from others who have worn as it defeats the purpose of protecting and may transmit unknown or harmful particles leading to health or other problems.

There are two types of masks: 

1. The surgical mask

2. N95 respiratory mask.

Common features of a Pure-MSK surgical respirator mask apart from loose fitting and strings connected to secure the mask on the face is that despite acting as a barrier there is no seal made on the edge of the mask around the nose and mouth area.

pure-msk surgical respirator features

The N95 respirator is also a mask but designed in a slightly less casual and more sophisticated manner. It is a device created to support respiratory protection in the form of designing its self to be as close as possible to a facial fit, which means less chances of air or liquid contamination. It is also designed in a manner that creates an edge around the nose and mouth, thus allowing further prevention of contamination.They are commonly worn by individuals working or representing the health care sector.

Both masks are meant for the same purpose of serving as a protective barrier

Pure-MSK Surgical Respirator Benefits

Man wearing a pure-msk surgical respirator

As we now are very well aware of what a mask is, especially the surgical mask, the Pure-MSK and the N95 respirator mask, let’s dive deeper and understand the benefits that come along with this protective barrier shield. Not only is this informative but allows yu to better understand the power of the surgical mask, the Pure-MSK.

A surgical mask in general is packed with multiple benefits that make everyday life activities swift and smooth. It is more like a product that complements your lifestyle given the drastic, dramatic and unprecedented waves of change occurring since the pandemic outbreak. It is important to be well equipped and the Pure-MSK lets you do that effortlessly.

Let us highlight the first and most important benefit, it acts as a shield of protection. Just like soldiers wear armor, this is the armor that protects your mouth and nose from bacteria and harmful airborne particles. Sounds cool right. 

Any surgical mask in general, whether a Pure-MSK or an N95 respirator mask serves the same purpose, to provide the best protection possible from the airborne environment. This form of protection is for everybody, when we say everybody we really mean it, from children to teens, adults to senior citizens no matter where in the world. 

The best part is how it is easily accessible for everyone to have as the Pure-MSK has turned into more of a basic need and necessity that has incorporated our daily life and routine.

The next and interesting benefit is how diverse the surgical mask is. It is interesting to highlight the different types of surgical masks that have been made to cater to different environments or situations so the wearer can have protection or desired benefits to cater to them as needed.

Let us enlighten you on the different masks present apart from the Pure-MSK and the N95 respiratory masks.

Here are some super cool masks that are making it easy for us to protect ourselves:


A triangular or square cloth material worn over the mouth or head. They are very popularly used by cowboys, now we will let your imagination bring those flashbacks.

Homemade cloth mask:

This is a single-layer mask made at home, it is a casual and less effective version of the two and three-layer masks.

T-shirt mask:

This is another DYI mask, as from the name you can tell it is made from t-shirt cloth. It is also less effective just like the homemade cloth mask.

Store-bought cloth mask:

This is an interesting one, this type of mask is more effective as compared to the homemade & DIY ones, but even here you must observe how many layers are present (at least ideally 2) the fabric or cloth quality. The better the quality, the higher the protection.

Cone-style mask:

This is very similar to the N95 respirator mask! They are molded masks, not made of cloth and fit over the mouth and nose with a metal strip to help secure and fit the mask from the nose area.