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American-manufactured mask with best in class design and world-class technology.

A pandemic that swept lives away, shot down businesses, gave people all over the world a questionable time of their lives and filled the atmosphere with deep uncertainty is something that we are all well aware of and familiar with.

Ever since there has been a revolutionary product that has become a necessity, a need and without it even a year later we do not leave our homes. The mask. Not just any mask, commonly known as either a face mask or a surgical mask.

Despite quarantine and other measures enforced to limit the spread of the pandemic virus disease, the mask is the one prime item that can never be replaced and must be carried along and worn at all times. Research shows that when worn, the mask does more than ever imagined.

Just imagine how a barrier would make a difference, a strong barrier of course, to prevent and limit the entry of harmful transmissions. The mask is the barrier, the barrier between a wearer and the environment around them.

Why Pure-MSK is Considered Special in Today Show?

We, the creators behind the Nano Air Mask want to share something interesting that everyone can relate to from a certain angle, a common one that we all need to stay safe and keep everyone around us safe too.

It is a humble honor and achievement to be featured on Today News where our product, the Nano Air mask was discussed and appreciated for many reasons that the community also resonates with.

It is first important to mention how the platform shared the importance of wearing a mask. It was brought to attention by how the mask can facilitate the process of slowing the spread of the infectious pandemic disease, the coronavirus.

The mask acts in a way that it reduces the chances of transmission by acting like a barrier. It is also interesting to mention that a real life scenario where 2 hairdressers worked at their salon had shown symptoms of having the virus but was successful in not transmitting it to anyone around her including other staff members and clients as she wore a mask. The power of a mask for the wearer and those around the wearer is very underestimated.

On the show New York based brand Nano Air was featured where our masks were discussed and highlighted over so many dimensions and avenues.

As you know New York is a very busy city that never sleeps no matter the situation or circumstances. The fact that the pandemic had also come to New York it was time to step up and bring forth a mask that made protection easy, breathing easy, and taking precautions better than ever.

In the show many features of our Nano Air Mask where discussed, starting with how according to the product description an impressive 95% of airborne particles and harmful contaminants can be successfully filtered, which means every wearer knows they are being protected.

A bonus feature to mention after successful filtration properties is how the Nano Air Mask also successfully makes breathing much easier and much better.

This was a product feature we were happy to see be discussed on the show as we felt that we made a difference in the quality of life of everyone around us as we knew deep down how the pandemic had emotionally and mentally affected everyone. It felt great to see how our product, the Nano Air Mask did more than filtering harmful particles and also made the most important way of living which is breathing also easy, no compromise on that.

From the discussion and what we got to know, we realized even more how important it is to breathe clean quality, harmful airborne particle free air which we and many others had taken for granted safe to say. The sudden change in our lives has made it a blessing for us to think of an idea to improve a basic surgical mask and turn it into a mask that does more than coverage, it makes daily life as comfortable and easy to function as possible.

Empathy comes in many forms and types of actions, our way of having empathy was by making the transition of following standard operating procedures among many other social distancing measures done in a friendly manner, easy to adjust too. We saw how our healthcare personnel were standing up against all odds and made a way to help the citizens too by making a mask that is easy to wear, easy to breathe, simple yet effectively.

Today Show Experts' Verdict on Pure-MSK

Presenting Pure-MSK in Today Show
Bill Nye presenting PureMSK

To put a cherry on top, we want to mention a quote from the amazing investigative and consumer correspondent of NBC, Nguyen, had to say about our mask!

“It’s very lightweight, very thin, it looks like the one Bill Nye was actually using in that story — and you can mold it to the top of your face, and you can see — no gaps,”

The words say it all, through experience and passing the consumer test of course.

We also want to walk you through certain elements of the positive response we received to connect at a new level, let us start with the Pure-MSK mask being lightweight.

When designing the mask we wanted it not to be a burden, rather the complete opposite of it, a relief. From what we would hear from family and friends would be something like oh it just feels so heavy on my face or how it would feel like a big brick just waiting to be lifted off.

Such commentary drew our attention and made us realize how important it was to cultivate our product in a way that made it easy and willing for everyone to wear without going into overthinking or getting rid of it as soon as possible. This is why with smart design and technology we designed it in a way to be even lighter than a piece of paper at just 4.4 grams. Yes it is possible and we proved it not once but everytime a happy client tells us too.

We idealised the idea of making it thin for many reasons, we found no smartness behind a thick mask that would do no good or do good but at the cost of comfort, a cost we were not willing to take no matter what. It is interesting to mention that despite the Pure-MSK being thin it is 3 layered, for unmatched powerful protection, a shield of armor your face will gladly wear.

It is also very obvious that molding is important especially depending on the environment where you are, a high intensity environment where harmful or questionable airborne particles are present are in hospitals, gyms, malls and public bathrooms.

It was a definite decision to make sure no matter what advancements we would when venturing into making the Pure-MSK mask, we would always make sure no matter what material or strap style we embedded all together, the molding element would be strong enough to fill any gaps, which we did very successfully.

Just think of it, you casually are out in the open where people are walking around and you decide to visit a public bathroom, you can just mold it around the areas you need to such as the nose and chin and viola, no gaps. You get to visit the public washroom without having to breathe air which can be filled with questionable particles.

Apart from what we have already mentioned from our end, we would like to mention another verdict by Nguyen:

‘’While they’re an investment, Nguyen says the masks offer enough coverage to wear if you are going to be in church, on a train, on an airplane or any setting for prolonged periods of time and want to stay comfortable.’’

A smart investment is that which sows rewards for you to enjoy and that is what we kept in mind when making the Pure-MSK for our lovely community.


Presenting Nano Air Mask Pure-MSK in Today show
Expert presenting Nano Air Mask


The rewards we bring for our clients is by knowing they get to feel comfortable while wearing our Pure-MSK mask for long periods of time, breathe well and not feel congested, enjoy their day and stay protected. It is great to mention how not having to feel wet around the mouth or have the inconvenience of seeing mask marks are a blessing in disguise too, which from a dream we brought to life.

The Today Show experts also showed other types of masks other than Pure-MSK, their plus points, their drawbacks and how all ages can benefit from this simple yet unique and turned into a necessity product.

To be protected from harmful contamination is a necessity, to be protected from it with comfort is a privilege and to be protected along with comfort and easy breathing is what we call innovation.

The name of innovation is the Pure-MSK mask.

We are extremely privileged, honored, humbled and happy to share how far Pure-MSK have reached with love and support from our community and the Today Show. Also, the kind verdict of Nguyen from the Today Show gave about Pure-MSK.